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Braden Buchanan

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Financial Education

Providing what we were never offered.

We welcome the esteemed opportunity to offer our expertise in the provision of comprehensive financial literacy education to students across all levels, from kindergarten to the 12th grade. Our unfettered ideation process, coupled with a profound and extensive understanding of business, investing, real estate, and finance, empowers us to navigate seamlessly through a diverse range of topics, facilitating meaningful discourse with ease and dexterity.


Nick Rostad

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What We Do

Pre-Written Lessons

 Your class gets a professional  and well adept learning experience made from educators and teachers to help follow guidelines. 

Better for younger.

Free Reign Lessons

Having privilege of sharing the most impactful and beneficial aspects of our education in an honest and experienced manner, offering valuable insights and knowledge to students.

More intermediate. 


We work with local businesses to provide resources to the kids. Ranging from trips to the sponsors business to free online articles and books. 

Feel Free to Reach Out!

Feel Free to Reach Out!



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