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About US

Hello and Welcome! Our names are Braden and Nick and we are students at Colorado State University who aspire to support others in achieving their aspirations. Through our marketing business and financial education non-profit, we are equipped to offer assistance to individuals of all ages, from kindergarteners to emerging businesses in the Colorado area.

Braden Buchanan

Hello my name is Braden and I am the Co-founder of OmnisMedia. I was raised in Sun Valley Idaho and have a love for business and people, so I am very glad to be a part of Omnis!


Nick Rostad

Hello, my name is Nick and I'm the Co-founder of OmnisMedia. I'm from Castle Rock, Colorado, where I have spent most of my life and developed my  passion about supporting businesses in their growth and adaptation journeys. The pursuit of helping businesses thrive has always been a significant driver for me, and I believe that my expertise and skills can assist companies in unlocking their full potential. 

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